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March 7, 2013
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Vriska: *Chuckles*

Eight ball cracked, we don’t need to see
We play through for free, our mind is the key
All you ghosts just follow our lead
Now you’re one of us, you’re coming with me

Aranea: It’s time to play with light and bring the bad guy down
(This place’s about to)
Tonight we’re taking over, no one’s getting out

[x4: BOTH]
This place's about to blow-oh-oh-oh!

Now what?
Aranea:  What?
We’re taking control.
We do what we want
Cause this is our role.

Aranea: Ships and ghosts out there in dream space
We’re smart and we’re quick
We’re leading this chase

It’s time to tame his mind and let his crazy out
(This place about to)
Tonight we’re making cracks to find our way around

[x4: BOTH]
This place about to blow-oh-oh-oh!

Aranea: Go, go, go, go obtain, go obtain
Throw our bait and make him chase at ‘em
Let me just explain, let me, let me just explain

Vriska: We’re insane, we’re insane
Throw our bait and make him chase at ‘em
Lead his evil reign, lead his, lead his evil reign

Aranea: We are taking over...
Vriska: Get used to it ok...

[x4: BOTH]
Oh, this place about to blow-oh-oh-oh!

This place about to blow...

Blow [VRISKA AND ARANEA]by doubleFacedHijinx

Literature / Poetry / Narrative / Songs & Lyrics©2013-2014 doubleFacedHijinx
I was listening to the song and then I thought of the update.
So it's basically the two badass Scorpios and their whole plot of leading an army of trolls using their mind powers in order to ultimately take down Lord English.

Vriska and Aranea belong to Andrew Hussie
"Blow" is a Ke$ha song

PS: I would really like some suggestions for songs and also some feed back >_<
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